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  • I don't have two Bangle JS 2 watches to test this but I tested it briefly with the other part being NRF52840 dongle with latest Espruino built from source and it worked, this code finds only the watch with the app running so the coded phy works.

    NRF.setScan(function(d) {
    id ${}
    name : ${}
    rssi: ${d.rssi}

    The watch was outside and dongle inside house but not very far so I'll try to test the range somehow. I guess walking outside while using IDE relay from phone to the dongle inside could work so I could see console output and rssi values.

    BTW the app does not cleanup after itself so after exiting I could not connect to it until reboot

    Could the watch advertise with coded phy while still being connencted to phone over 1mbps link? I think I was connected to dongle over BLE and the scan worked however I guess for now espruino can't advertise while being connected(?).


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