• Is anybody else currently dealing with seemingly random crashes and freezes?

    Occasionally, multiple times a week (most days, rarely more than once a day), my Bjs2 will, without warning, become unresponsive. This almost exclusively happens on the clock face, if only because I'm usually in the habit of closing apps whenever they're open. I haven't been able to figure out how to reproduce this behavior consistently, but I'm trying to troubleshoot regardless.

    Current details:

    • I have a decent number of apps installed. I suspect it could be a memory leak?
    • The clock face in question is the LCARS one from the app loader - specifically the one with brighter colors, not Stardate Clock. It's currently in full screen mode, no widgets.
    • Said clock face intermittently gives me a "DISK" warning. Going to App Manager and running "Compact" seems to alleviate this issue. I have not yet measured the effect of doing this regularly w/r/t preventing these freeze incidents.
    • I'm connected to the BJS fork of Gadgetbridge. No weather or other online apps set up so far.
    • No suspicious battery drains.
    • I'm living in the east coast United States and the past few weeks it's been 90F / 32.2C out consistently. I'll take note of the core temp reading (if I can find a widget for it) to see if it could be an overheating issue. The most recent two freezes occurred outside and in direct sunlight; and right next to the fan on my laptop. I'm considering this a strong possibility.

    So... I'm not totally sure what to do to figure it out but I guess I have a few ideas.

    In addition to logging temp readings, I'm going to switch to a different clock face for the next few days and see if it happens less frequently - perhaps it's actually just a problem with the LCARS app... which would be disappointing seeing as I plan on creating a similar feature-rich clock face soon. But I guess we'll see.

    Anyway, does anybody else have similar experiences?


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