• Just ran into this while uploading the messages app, looking at the JS console it seems to be caused by the status update.
    IIRC those are sent with a small delay after you connect. That would match what I did:

    1 disconnect watch from phone
    2 press upload in app loader on PC
    3 select the watch and connect -> error

    <COMMS> ERROR Parsing JSON SyntaxError: Unexpected token { in JSON at position 298
    comms.js:261 <COMMS> Actual response:  "{\"id\":\"messages\",\"name\":\"Message­s\",\"src\":\"messages.app.js\",\"icon\"­:\"messages.img\",\"sortorder\":-9,\"ver­sion\":\"0.47\",\"tags\":\"tool,system\"­,\"files\":\"messages.info,messages.app.­js,messages.settings.js,messages.img,mes­sages.wid.js,messages\",\"data\":\"messa­ges.json,messages.settings.json;messages­.jsonl\"}\r\n\r\n{\"t\":\"status\",\"bat­\":100,\"chg\":0}\r\n"
    ui.js:86 <TOAST>[error] Messages update failed, Error: Invalid JSON

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