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  • Can't you add an option to let the custom BangleApps show the official and current appdates.csv?

    Maybe... but then your apps wouldn't appear in it - which maybe isn't what you want?

    But actually, since you have your own branch, you could do this pretty easily yourself? The code is at­oaderCore/blob/c46b4edd2052d0df37fea41f8­839af8175a78ec9/js/index.js#L99-L118 so either you could change that, or you could just copy & paste the code into your local loader.js file with the different URL.

    Or if you wanted to do a PR to make it use a Const.APPS_DATES_FILE constant instead then you could easily add a one-liner to loader.js to get it from wherever you want

    It would be great if we could have the official BangleApps and a personal BangleApps available

    This feels pretty niche... I mean you can always just go to on your phone's web browser, see what's new, and then upload from Gadgetbridge? But if you wanted to send in a PR for a menu option in Gadgetbridge that could definitely be added.


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