• Hi,

    I'm working on making an existing keyboard mouse combo (https://www.tindie.com/products/arturo18­2/bb-q20-keyboard-with-trackpad-usbi2cpm­od/) available via bluetooth using the MDBT breakout board. It's working quite well so far, and it was easy and fun to implement right inside the IDE, which always keeps me coming back to Espruino. It's the original promise well served.

    (the combo minified module might be broken, not sure though, I now use the non-minified one)

    Now, I wonder though, what security setting I should use to have a professional and secure solution.
    I saw the encryption settings, mitm etc, but the default seems to be "off" and I wonder why that is and what I should use. Bit lost here.

    Also I found that the device is not recognised as a potential keyboard when it comes to the icon displayed by the host (generic BT icon instead of a keyboard). Anything I can do about that?

    Thanks in advance


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