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  • OK, got it. Can't you add an option to let the custom BangleApps show the official and current appdates.csv?
    I use my personal BangleApps with my Gadgetbridge to use the most recent builds of my apps. But at the same time I really would like to sort for the date (even if my personal newer apps are not considered). This would allow me to use it better on a daily base as I can discover new things more easily.
    Another option would be to make Gadgetbridge more convinient. It would be great if we could have the official BangleApps and a personal BangleApps available by just selecting it with a radio button or so from the home screen. At the moment I would need to remove the link and add it back when I want to use my personal thing. Or am I using the whole thing in a wrong way?


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