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  • Anyone have any issues with Bangle 2 and Windows connection? The way it works from a Chrome browser is that you connect in the browser - the Chrome window comes up and says Bangle.js wants to pair then Windows pops up with a do you want to pair this device - I say yes and then it works. So I see my bangle connected in Windows.

    But next time I try to connect with Chrome- no bangle appears in the Chrome dialog. Unless I go to the Windows Bluetooth settings and remove the device. Which seems a bit of a faff.

    Is this the expected behaviour or am I being a dummkopf ?

  • Good question. So this all came about when I tried to update the latest firmware. If I try to pair via Chrome - its works and I then I politely tell windows I dont want to pair. I then try to go to the firmware uploader - select the firmware and after about 10-15 seconds - it stops. nada - no more uploading. It seems to disconnect. If I repeat again - same - same again - times out / stops uploading. Ok so this time - I do pair on Windows request and this time I can upload and it works. But next time I want to pair with Chrome - I dont see the Bangle until I remove the device from Windows and start again. So I can get it to work - but it seems like a faff...


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