• Oh yeah, the soft option, and the analogWrite that is actually a PWM - it's not self-explaining. As a quick hack something like this:

        interval = setInterval(function() {
            currentPos = pos*amt + initial*(1-amt);
            digitalPulse(pin, 1, offs+E.clip(currentPos,0,1)*mul);
            if (amt >= 1) {
              interval = undefined;
              // hold the position if option hold is set
              if (options.hold == true) {
                // move the calculation of the pulse width out of the interval
                // we might re-use 'initial' instead of adding 'pulseWidth' for low memory devices
                var pulseWidth = offs+E.clip(pos,0,1)*mul;
                // interval to hold the position (must use 'interval' as reference)
                interval = setInterval(function() {
                    digitalPulse(pin, 1, pulseWidth); 
                }, 20);
              if (callback) callback();
            } else {
              amt += 50*time);  // equals amt += 1000.0 / (20*time);
          }, 20);
    • Using option 'hold' instead of 'soft'
    • Use a first interval to move the servo (as it was before this change), and conditionally add a second interval to hold the position

    It would be possible to add the option 'hold' to the 'connect' function, then there's no need to include it in every call to 'move'. The code is not tested.


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