• Hi and thanks for the reply Gordon

    On Aurora store (that is supposed to be a google's clone with more privacy concern) the version shown is :

    Bangle.js Gadgetbridge Espruino 0.67.1b-banglejs (216)

    with installation of the following files :

    com.espruino.gadgetbridge.banglejs.216.a­pk. (4MB)
    config.xxxhdpi.216.apk (104KB)
    config.arm64_v8a.216.apk (41KB)

    It also says those files were updated on June 15 2022

    Probably worth waiting for a few days more for it shows the latest one with the corrected lines

    Disable pebble provider to allow Bangle.js Gadgetbridge to coexist with Gadgetbridge resValue "string", "pebble_content_provider", com.getpebble.android.nopebble.bangle.pr­ovider"

    I'll retry after the weekend and I'll let you kow


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