• Ahh - are all your apps up to date on the app store? Do you have custom apps?

    When you restart with 2v14, maybe connect with the Web IDE and type load() on the left-hand side. I bet you'll see some error messages.

    2v14 introduced proper handling of let and const keywords, which were handled as var before. As a result if you had code that did something like const foo = 4; foo=5; it will now fail with 2v14 - which may be what you're seeing. Doing an 'install default apps' would likely fix it but maybe you don't want to do that...

    We fixed the apps we're aware of that had issues, but those would need updating. Of course I guess there could be more apps that had problems that I'm not aware of

    Note: I did flash the Bangle.js 2v14 firmware on a Bangle.js 1 just now and it worked great for me, so I think it is probably related to the apps you have installed


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