• Some experiments on timeouts and intervals:

    This does the timeout and the interval method and calculates some metrics. The most important for me is the sum, which is the summed up errors against the expected triggering time.

    This results in

    Min -0.11596679687
    Max 0.1708984375
    Mean -1.98157337024
    Sum 18.408203125
    SD 1.73718663338
    Min -0.0244140625
    Max -0.31127929687
    Mean -2.17123413085
    Sum -171.23413085937
    SD 1.73305703021

    This seems to hint to the timeout method accumulating only a tenth of the error the interval does with 100ms waiting time and 1000 tries.

    I would expect the error to get smaller over time with the timeout method.


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