• @Andreas_Rozek from a GDPR standpoint the fact that GitHub is now owned by Microsoft is extremely positive. They can't hide behind being a USA-based startup, and Microsoft has to do things right or they get sued.

    But for my company, I don't believe the GDPR applies in this case. Neither me not customers are going to be uploading any confidential data - the forum posts here are and always were public, and when people write a forum post they know it's going to be public.

    When you create a GitHub account, it's with GitHub, so the information there is GitHub's and will be bound by their GDPR compliance.

    ... but this is exactly why I want to move to something like GitHub discussions. The amount of time I waste dealing with company related admin is insane - and it means I don't spend that time doing work that's actually useful to Espruino users.


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