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  • JSX is usually transpiled by the TypeScript compiler or Babel.
    There are multiple issues with my current implementation, I wanted to have a prototype in case it was a definite no.
    A thing React does for some reason is when there's only one child, it's not wrapped in an array in the props. My implementation doesn't do this, because it's weird. I don't think it would make sense to implement it because it would require most things to manually wrap the lone child in case it's a child layouting thing (strings are automatically concatenated). I bring this up because TypeScript's JSX support is very flexible, and it almost support using JSX for layout exactly the way I described, except for that quirk.
    The issue other than RegEx lexing is the fact that the tag contents (inbetween and ) doesn't allow any characters other than the latin alphabet, this is more tricky than it sounds, as there's no way to tell if a string has had single or double quotes after it has been lexed, and it would require manually adding the delimiter characters, which is not ideal. I think the solution would be to have the lexer have flags for a couple of modes:

    • Normal - the usual lexing mode
    • No tokens - always gives one character at a time, without trying to read strings and stuff. Pretokenised characters might be a problem, but they can just be converted into their string forms (It doesn't matter that pretokenised characters represent multiple characters, since it's going to be appended to a buffer string in any case)
    • No regex - this is hacky and less subtle than I personally like, but I don't know of any other way for resolving the issue.

    As per having a string and parsing it, there are multiple pitfalls, some of them which are described in the original JSX spec:

    • There's no way to verify that the XML is correct before running the code.
    • There's no meaningful way of referencing anything which doesn't serialize to a string, eg. there's no way to set a button's callback.

    I see why people would be confused as to why JSX is used in a different way versus React, but using Layout requires reading the docs (or examples) beforehand, so if the usecase of JSX can be explained there, I don't think it will be a problem.


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