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  • Right, I've just added a repository where you can dump test data and can test it out against the algorithm:­MTestHarness

    It's currently only got some very short dumps I put in there in it, but you can see from plotting the graph how it's doing. Sitting at a resting heart rate works passably, others not so much. Looking at that I did notice one big issue in particular with how quick the running average adjusts, and I've just made some changes to Espruino itself (now in the latest builds) that should make it work a bit better particularly at higher heart rates.

    PRs for more data in particular would be great :)

    Also, how can I make the hrmPollInterval settings permanent?

    You can install the 'custom boot code' app and paste the command Bangle.setOptions({hrmPollInterval:20});­ in there I think.

    Can I somehow record the raw data to the Bangle.JS itself instead of my laptop?

    Not right now. The original app author did try to add this but I think he struggled. However you can still just run the app on an Android phone and get the data there while you're out and about.

    At some point I might have a look at doing a super stripped down app that included the Bluetooth HRM code in it as well, just so folks can get some data with basically zero effort.


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