• Thanks for the feedback!
    I figured it would be nicer to have a global setting instead of duplicate code in all clocks, but there are good reasons to keep it per clock.

    Maybe it could be combined with porting a bunch of clocks over to using the ClockFace library

    Yeah, something like that was my plan. Just putting it off a bit because a) porting clocks over just for the sake of porting feels like unnecessary churn, and b) I'd prefer thinking of more ClockFace features beforehand, instead of having to visit all those clocks again a few weeks later ;-)

  • A useful feature would be the loadWidget yes/no.

    In a PR you said

    But more importantly, I don't think we want clocks to disable the widgets, I think it should be a global setting. That way clocks can use Bangle.appRect to work either way, and users can decide if they want widgets independently from which clock they install.

    but we have many Clocks that allow to show/hide the widgets (mosaic, lcars, time traveler clock, some analogue, ecc).

    A global option would be great, like

    • Settings → Widgets
      • Load & Show [X]
      • Load Only []
      • Don't Load

    An app should read this option and regulate itself (better: should loadWidgets()/drawWidgets() handle the option? Pro: all apps will work automatically without further updates)

    Meanwhile a loadWidgets option in ClockFace should be a good compromise - What do you say?


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