• @Gordon I'm seeing a few issues with the new app.

    Sometimes I have trouble when connecting to the app store. It complains about an invalid json, and even when I manage to connect and update an app on the watch it shows an error about "t" not being defined in a json (or something along those lines). I'm thinking it's one of the apps I have installed, maybe... But I haven't seen this when connecting to the App Loader in a browser. Have done a completely clean install of the new GB app and also wiped my watch, but same thing. If I simply can't get the App Loader in Gadgetbridge to connect it has helped to force close the GB app and let it connect again.

    The app doesn't always release the Bluetooth connection to the watch. Even if I disconnect the BT widget shows it's connected and I can't reach it from other devices. In this case I have to kill the GB app for the watch to disconnect, even though GB itself shows that it's no longer connected to the watch. I have not seen this on previous installs of the regular Gadgetbridge app.

    The bitmap rendering of unknown characters and emojis is not working at all for me. The attached screenshot is me sending a test notification containing ♥️💪👁️. Been seeing the same in actual texts. And is the bitmap rendering supposed to take care of words containing special characters as well? If so it's not working for the Swedish å ä ö (small ä and ö renders properly by default, but not å or the capital letters).

    At one point when listing to music and starting a video on a web page (which automatically paused the music) there was a small toast informing me that the Gadgetbridge app isn't installed on my Bangle.js. Felt weird since it's deprecated...

    One really nice thing is that I finally can update the watch through the App Loader (ref later parts of: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/i­ssues/1069)! Might be the slowed down transfer speed that did it, so I'll try again with high MTU enabled later.

    Lastly a small feature request. It would be nice to be able to specify the development App Loader as the default.

    Love having a dedicated Bangle.js app though and not having to disconnect to use the App Loader.

    Edit: almost forgot... Incoming call notification doesn't work either, but maybe it's not supposed to since this is based on GB 0.66 (I didn't have time to compare the commit history).

    Edit 2: I did try to get some debug logs from the app, but couldn't get it to save any. Could be a permissions thing...

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