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  • I'm not sure if here is good place or github issue is better place. I've noticed there is beginning of JIT feature merged in this commit­mit/b75a36a6da7c8c330d795e56ef977d9adbf4­2ac6

    There is also old closed issue here­ues/73 describing some pluses/minuses.

    There is also the inline C and JS compiler­mpiler described here and

    When I saw the JIT is a Kickstarter goal I was curious how this could fit together.
    Looks like current implementation starts from scratch with doing the JIT directly on the device.

    I just wonder is it really needed to have this on the device? What is target device regarding available flash/ram/cpu speed for this? I'd guess even bangle 2 could be too slow and small for this to be an improvement - I fear the compiler would always be too simple and possibly slow.

    Couldn't the inline server based compiler be improved so that it would run as part of some minification phase? If we are talking only Bangle apps stored in repo maybe this could be done on the server somehow automatically so the loader would load already compiled bits to the device?

    I know it is not exactly JIT in the traditional sense but maybe it could offer very similar JIT like flexibility without bloating the device firmware and burning CPU time?


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