• Hi

    Bluetooth icon blue or grey


    The -> Bluetooth message

    Thats the one. Right under the icon and the firmware version and your name, you know, the startup screen.

    how to reboot it.

    Alright, lets clear this up. If I shut down with the Poweroff app, then press once on the button to start the watch, this is the behavior. If I follow the steps from https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js2#reseĀ­tting-without-loading-any-code correctly, you are right, it doesn't show up (I released the button too early sorry).

    so I think it's most likely that one of your devices, somewhere, is automatically connecting to it

    Easy to do, I turned off bluetooth at all devices which ever connected to it. Doing the normal shutdown/reboot, this still shows up. Doing the resetting without loading code, it again doesn't show up, but I can also not use the watch (obviously, since no code is loaded). So uhm, not sure if that helped?


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