• Hi,

    When you boot it normally, is the Bluetooth icon on it blue, or grey?

    it shows the bluetooth launching

    What do you mean? The -> Bluetooth message?

    Because if you take a normal Bangle.js and reboot it while holding the button so no code is loaded, it doesn't show -> Bluetooth.

    -> Bluetooth is normally displayed when there is an actual Bluetooth connection established, so I think it's most likely that one of your devices, somewhere, is automatically connecting to the Bangle whenever it sees it.

    Best bet would be:

    • Walk out a long way from any of your devices with the Bangle, and see if the 'reboot without loading code' shows -> Bluetooth or not.
    • If not, figure out which device is connecting, or just go into the OS Bluetooth menu of each of your devices and remove/forget the Bangle in them. Gadgetbridge especially can be a problem as that will auto-connect to the Bangle once it's been added, and will stop other apps/devices from connecting too


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