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  • Espruino does not support unicode natively (and even if it did there wouldn't be enough memory for every character). Espruino's strings are 8 bits only, so while Espruino can store UTF-8, it doesn't interpret it in any useful way.
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    I was wondering though if it would be possible to allow other codepages. That would require:

    1. Gadgetbridge to convert Unicode into a codepage. Possibly, transliterating missing characters
    2. Storing additional fonts on bangle.js
    3. Support from the messages app (basically a codepage setting).

    I would be very much interested in this feature, and probably could help.

  • I think it would make more sense for Espruino to support UTF-8 strings, and then support fonts which include some parts of UTF-8, instead of having codepages.


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