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  • Some weeks ago, I started a project to get Espruino running on PI Pico (RPI2040)
    I had no idea how to do, but gave it a try.
    Target was, not to change Espruino code itself, no additional ifdef etc.
    Right now I'm somewhere around pre-alpha. Simple version is running.
    Development is based on pico-examples, not on Espruino make­co

    As expected tons of problems/question are on the road.
    In my implementation flash starts at virtual addr 0, which is translated to 2nd MB in flash
    This makes Flash-commands easy to understand. Require("flash") runs fine.
    Actual problem, one of a lot is jsfGetFileHeader.
    Unfortunally addr is tested with this line: if (!addr) return false which stops some other functions.
    Any idea, how to get around without changes in jsflash.c ?

    BTW, if some body wants to help in this project, you are welcome.


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