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  • Driving the code with an emulator in which you have control over the frequency is meant only to figure the max frequency you code can handle.

    Are you trying to bit-bang something?

    You are aware that a 220kHz frequency has a full cycle time of 4.5us only? 8us pulses don't even fit in... somehow - for me - the numbers do not add up.

    Can you tell be about the acquisition chip? (in dm or else?)

  • @allObjects sorry about that; used to typing the 'k'. If you look at that scope image, you'll see that it is actually 222 Hz. Plenty of time. I'd already run the numbers to make sure I had the time to do the SPI operations, even with Espruino timing on the SPI enable.

    I think I either need to do a bit of pulse stretching hardware, or just ditch Espruino and head directly to C. I was hoping to avoid that since I'm just prototyping, but alas.

    My other thought was whether it would be possible to so some inline C to trigger setWatch with a shorter pulse. Any thoughts on that?

    Appreciate your insights!


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