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  • Do you have a way to control the firing frequency? For example w/ PWM driven pin (of a second Espruino device to minimize interference)?

    I would start at the rate of 100Hz and then crank it up until it becomes 'a wash' (measurements all over the place).

    If the expected firing frequency cannot be safely handled, you have to switch approach: you run a register/counter on a pin and read and reset the value every second. The counting would be uninfluenced by what else is going on your device. Proper timing comes then important - who to reset timer and start period and do the read-out. For better control you could make it inline assembler or compiled C function and call it from JS. There are examples in the forum (tutorial?) how to setup counter register and read and reset it. It was for the STM chips... I'm not sure if it works exactly the same way for the NRF52832... some data sheet and coding examples from the web may help you.


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