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  • Thankd, another kind user as already shared an hex with me.
    I guess that there is some bug with the firmware "" I install "boot" and then "Main" and once I go install "launcher" it gives an error with "p undefined".
    With that firmware I can install all of the apps in the following order: "Boot ", "launcher", "Settings" and "Main" but then nothing is displayed on the screen.
    Older firmwares work fine, I'm using ""

  • With that firmware

    not sure which one is that but the hex file I uploaded has no display driver built in so you won't see anything on screen with @jeffmer's apps. So for you it is probably useful only to get bootloader, softdevice and then use basic espruino console to trigger DFU and upload something else.

    As for builds made by @jeffmer I think the has unbuffered driver (=drawing go directly to screen) and has buffered one that may need extra g.flip() call to push data to screen.


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