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  • updates:
    I was able to connect to SWD, but nrf chip was protected, disabling protection wipes the flash.
    I've used espruino_2v01_nrf52832.hex to be able to boot it.
    Followed the tutorial again from the step of flashing the bootloader via the Web IDE.
    Setting bootloader settings via Web IDE doesn't work, however via SWD I was able to modify the bootloader settings( IUCR partition).
    Tried to install a new espruino image but DaFlasher fails with error: "Error GATT ERROR".

    I think that maybe there is some problem rebooting to DFU mode, that's why DaFlahser is not able to read the BTLE service that is only broadcasted by DFU mode

    Any idea or any file that could help me unbrick the watch?


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