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  • I saw something recently about CMYK epaper but I think that's a reasonably new thing - and I haven't seen any LCDs with it (since you'd effectively have to stack 3 LCD panels).

    Realistically we'd have to be selling maybe 1000x more watches even to start thinking about getting a custom LCD made, so we're stuck with off the shelf options at the moment.

    As @andrewg_oz says the 64 color one seems to be almost a slot-in upgrade so is by far the most likely, but even so if it adds 25% to the cost of the watch (which is likely) I think it's going to be hard to justify.

  • I saw something recently about CMYK epaper but I think that's a reasonably new thing

    It also has a refresh rate of 1 second, that's fast for epaper, but not great if you want to draw a watchface every second. I'd probably still take it over the B1 LCD, but not over the B2.

    My B3 wishlist:
    Things I'd like to see improved (over B2):

    • more buttons: 1 left, 3 right (or maybe even 3 on each side)
    • slightly larger screen, 240x240 was nice
    • user-serviceable (i.e. openable with just a screwdriver)
    • 6 bit colours (I'm quite happy with 3 bits though)
    • charging with a standard USB-C port (but that would probably kill the IP rating)
    • audible beep, or even a speaker
    • more battery+memory (it's great already, but more is always better ;-)
    • USB connection (to keep it connected to your phone while fiddling, and maybe upload a bit faster)
    • IP68 (I still wouldn't swim/shower, but more is safer)

    Things I can do without:

    • HRM
    • GPS (my phone can do that and has more battery for it)
    • barometer

    TBH, there's quite some things I liked more about the B1 than the B2, but the always-on, sunlight-readability and full touch still make the smaller screen so much better that the B2 wins out, (the larger memory is also nice).


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