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  • An interesting idea, Andrew. The Bayer filter concept makes sense, but could there be a CMYK version of that concept? As comfortable as I am working/thinking in RGB, LCDs work on the principle of subtractive color, so perhaps we could get more out of an LCD display by thinking in terms of the subtractive model. Of course that would mean finding a manufacturer who
    produces that type of screen. Do CMYK LCD displays even exist?

  • LCDs work on the principle of subtractive color

    I guess what NoMusicTuesdays wants to say is, that physically LCD is a light covered by coloured filters that reduce the amount of light passing through, so physically speaking it's a substractive light technology. (Please correct me if I am wrong!)

    Nevertheless. Displays usually are driven with "rgb technology" (meaning that the software controlling the display expects whatever inputs it received to be in RGB values). (Also I don't know, where I am going with this now...)


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