• Damn.... looks like it s happening again
    After having installed a new app (the nice mountainclock) and updated a few ones (messages, LCars, health, and anotherone i cant remember which, all coming from the developping appstore), I launched a compaction action.
    It s still compacting since 20minutes now.
    Last time it did that, I longpressed the button to reset the watch... and lost almost all the files/apps that were on the watch.
    So, trying to be a bit more patient to avoid re-installing and re-setting everything, I m now waiting for (fingers crossed) it finally manages to finish compaction (even if it somehow looks like it s stuck on something)
    @Gordon if you believe i could do something to help understand what is going on (with webide for exemple) tell me

    EDIT : flatening the battery launched itself (I probably touch the screen while removing the watch from my wrist ?) I stopped it with the appropriate longpress as suggested.
    Now the bangle is stuck on the startupscreen. I guess i lost the battle once again. All files must have gone again or corrupted


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