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  • I think it's extremely likely that it's just corrosion on the contacts. I'd make sure they're all clean - try and avoid scraping - some kind of mild abrasive - even toothpaste - would be better.

    If you updated your bootloader recently the power on behaviour has changed - so if the Bangle goes flat you actually need to hold the button for maybe 2 seconds for it to boot (otherwise the screen stays blank). It may be you've just hit that, so you assume the Bangle is dead even though it isn't.

    Then after that, stick some tape over the middle 2 contacts to stop it getting worse. There's some info on:­act-corrosion-skin-irritation­iki#important-usage-information

    And on all the Bangles we ship now we put tape over the contacts to stop this happening.

  • Hi @Gordon - thank you for such a swift and helpful reply. I have done as you suggested - holding down button for 2 seconds, it has rebooted and is now taking a charge. I will follow your advice about toothpaste and tape. The sudden extreme discoloration of the pads surprised me, though - it's an issue I've been aware of and consciously checking the state of the pads. Maybe I just got sweaty in the warmer weather!


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