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  • A survey would indeed help shape JS3 into what most current users would like to see. And having the older alternatives is good for those who want the specialty items (like the barometer, or full color LCD). It depends on what Bangle's intended use really is.. a smart watch for hackers, or a hackable smart watch (they sound similar, but they're different!)

    Myself, I am into the visual, and would enjoy the screen to be physically larger, hopefully without making the case TOO much larger. That would help touch screen behaviour as well. With more pixels (240x240 or greater) one can forgive the lack of colors (as anti-aliasing would be less necessary). I found the 64 color screen on the DK08 to be fantastic, if a tad too small and (sadly) low contrast (watches must be visible INDOORS on cloudy, dark Canadian "days"!)

    That said, I also want to thank Gordon (and team!) for the fantastic work they've done and continue to do. I will certainly be a Kickstarter when the BJ3 is ready.


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