• right now repurposing the pebblekit support in gadgetbridge for the communication.

    Do you have any examples of how you're doing this? I've heard people talk about this but never seen how it's done.

    The initial plan is to enable navigation in Messages direct from Gadgetbridge, using the notification system but tweaking it to allow 'local' notifications to get pushed through when they're enabled manually (per app).

    If you're interested the code for it in Gadgetbridge is now online at https://github.com/gfwilliams/Gadgetbrid­ge/compare/master...gfwilliams:banglejs_­and_local_notify?expand=1

    However if you can actually handle the navigation messages straight from OsmAnd and push them to Bangle.js without going through local notifications that'd great (even better if it could work with Google Maps too ;).

    While I've been a bit iffy about merging the branch above (mainly because of the way it pushes images through by trying to encode them as base64), I think we could quite easily add the onModifyNotification event, and then your code could use that when the instructions from OsmAnd change? I believe all that code is already in Bangle.js and working


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