• @Gordon @ChrisS I don't want to discuss any GDPR issues of Windows or other Microsoft products here - the question should instead be: will the migration to GitHub discussions (which should lower the load on Gordon's shoulders) be safe for users (and Gordon himself!)?

    Right now, it seems so (from the viewpoint of a non-lawyer, of course)

    Yes, GitHub was bought by Microsoft (sigh!) but they officially(!) claim to be GDPR-compliant (and seem to offer the data processor contracts Gordon may need to be safe himself). For me as an end-user, this claim is sufficient - any further inspection should be left to lawyers.

    As a consequence, I'd now welcome the migration to GitHub discussions (although I still don't really like the idea that anybody would need to register with GitHub just in order to join a discussion about Espruino - at least, "foreigners" should be able to read what was written in the forum)