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  • I love the BangleJS 2 and for having backed 7 kickstarter projects I can tell you, you handled it very well and delivered a good product. It's my favorite from the 7 I backed.
    This thread is great to give ideas. But when you will be looking to make a new BangleJS you should do a proper survey to know which features are most wanted.

    What I really like about my Banglejs 2 is:

    • The always on display
    • All the open source software and apps (watch side)
    • Most of the hardware features (HRM, GPS, accelerometer)

    What I don't like:

    • The lack of colors (a 64 color display would be great)
    • Not fully waterproof
    • Feel kind of slow sometimes ("Loading..." message on a lot of actions)
    • The integration with Gadgetbrigde is somehow lacking (works well when connected but don't load any history from the watch)

    What I don't need:

    • The barometer
    • The speaker

    What else would I like the most for the next model:

    • An oximeter
    • Bigger resolution display

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