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  • Does anyone actually care about the barometer?

    I ask because it's really the only reason the Bangle isn't significantly more waterproof, and right now I don't believe it's getting a great deal of use

  • The change in barometric pressure causes a sudden change in the weather.
    And for the altitude, as we said.
    If it was reliable I think it is a good point in favor.

  • I'm using the barometer.

    Even made a clock face that shows falling/rising pressure (coming to an app loader near you soon!).
    @uname said :

    If it was reliable I think it is a good point in favor.

    I'm reading it every ten minutes, and applying a median filter with window-size of 3 samples (=30 minutes). This irons out most outliers, this way I find the barometer to be quite reliable.

    Not a crucial feature, but interesting.

  • Does anyone actually care about the barometer?

    It's nice to have, but in general as with all barometers the readings are kind of useless because you need either altitude fixed or air pressure fixed to calc altitude. So real world use cases are rare. This is not a Bangle issue, but a basic problem. I like the touch screen: On my watch I have to use the button only for restart.

    But in general: For me Bangle 2 is perfect as it is. I really appreciate your work on v1 and v2.
    If I want a perfectly designed watch I would buy an Apple Watch. Limitations give interesting hacking problems. If you ever plan to make v3 I think you have to decide whether to make a hacker or an end user product. V2 is now somehow in between.

  • Does anyone actually care about the barometer?

    ✋ But, of course, water resistance is better, especially is you can get barometric data via the internet, in case you need them (which I think might be the case in the future 🤞 )

  • Hi Gordon, haven't been on the forum for a while. Now I was looking through it because my barometer seems to have been broken. No more readings for a week or so :(

    And yes–I personally care a lot about the barometer. Still planning to write a GPS-calibrated barometric altimeter. That probably needs way less battery than alt by GPS. Also to judge the weather. But I get it, waterproof would be nice.

    Anyway, any ideas what I could do about the sensor?

    EIDT: just read the other threads. Will try out firmwares (I think I'm on 15) and battery flattening.


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