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  • doing the KickStarter this time was just amazingly difficult and tiring.

    From the outside it looked amazing. Brilliantly executed. Totally delivered. We are all indebted to you for bringing JS2 to market - no one else has done anything close as far as I can see. JS2 is a massive leap from JS1.

    For JS3 my wish list would be:

    1. 64 colours as per Pebble, definitely must be sunlight readable
    2. 352x352 resolution display (double what JS2 has)
      This would be total luxary though. Not a fan of 3 buttons.

    But mostly JS2 is perfect and will get better and better over time. Key area's to improve on JS2 are the heart rate monitor and low power GPS - both can probably be fixed but will need a lot of dedication and effort.


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