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  • The original step counting test repo is at­ too - that's what we've been using to tune step counting so far.

    But definitely the only way to make real improvements (IMO) is to get the data. Personally I think HR data without a trusted HR source to compare to isn't that useful at all.

    I believe @halemmerich has actually done all the work there already - he has an app that'll connect to an external BLE sensor and will log the Bangle's HRM data and the trusted data to a file on your PC, so it seems like that'd be a great start.

    But yes, if it's just a matter of setting up a repo and test harness and getting some code running then I guess pretty much any data should do it - although if you're doing file parsing it seems it's be worth getting it parsing @halemmerich's files as a first try


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