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  • [not really, but I oftenthink about it]
    If the watch were a smartphone, you should by now announce the next iteration of Bangle :)

    I haven't really followed the Kickstarters and I'm pretty new to owning a Bangle2 myself, so I have no Idea how the whole philosophy for introding new watches is.

    I there a place for feedback? Is a 3rd version planned? (soon, next year, in 3 years, maybe eventually, never)

    In my opinion, the Bangle2 is already a masterpiece and almost perfect:

    My battery lasts a little longer than a week of standard usage (I can charge it every Sunday night)
    The watch is super lightweight.
    Having standard-straps is a plus.
    It's always on. Readable in sunlight. Color display.
    Enough memory for my needs. Enough speed for my needs. Enough water resistance for my needs.

    There is just one thing that I miss: having the 3+1 Buttons that I had with my pebble. Man, i would KILL for a few buttons :)
    It's not that THIS touch screen is horrible to use... In my experience ALL watch touch screens are hard to use. Controlling music on the bike: With buttons always easy. Didn't even have to look at the display.
    Buttons always give that tactile feedback that you hit exactly what you wanted to hit :)


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