• Hi @ChrisS - sorry, no, I didn't see those. Will reply now.

    so that you can access the launcher menu without having to click the physical button, in order to save its life?

    Yes, it exists right now - it's called Swiper Clock Launch : https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=swipercloc­klaunch

    Needing a button press to boot was an attempt at ensuring the Bangle could always be powered on even if the battery was completely flattened, but yes, if your button is totally dead it effectively bricks the watch (unless it's rebooted with the SWD pins which isn't an option for most people).

  • Out of curiosity: is there a reason for having "Hold BTN to reload" instead of "Touch to reload"?
    I mean the label that appears after install/update/remove an app from the store.


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