• Hi @UCas thanks - KickStarter comments are really useless (I couldn't get from your post there back to your user easily). I'll drop you an email now about sorting out a return.

    @halemmerich it's already a bit out of place in that picture (it's a watch I disassembled and hastily re-assembled for the pic). It doesn't seem to be magnetic either I'm afraid. I'll get you a replacement out too.

    @Alessandro I really wouldn't worry! It always seems worse when you see stuff together on the forum but there are over 3000 watches out there now, and I think this makes 4 button issues - so it's like a 0.1% failure rate for the button, which really isn't such an issue.

  • Sorry @Gordon, I have bad news from my bangle :-(

    Same problem here with my Kickstarter Bangle 2. The button worked fine until a few minutes ago. Then suddenly out of the blue there was no longer any perceptible pressure point and the button stopped working.

    Same here. The button worked fine until last night. Suddenly no click, button dead :-(

    My wife's bangle seems ok although its button is a bit mushy (seldom her bangle still freezes but at least the button works (for now))


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