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  • The need was to allow to draw custom vector graphic on top of the item. Like frames, colored bars, or circles, or whatever.

    What's the use case for this?

    If you're planning on making menus look totally different by drawing over them, IMO you really just need to make your own menus using E.showMenu as a base.

    Otherwise what you're doing will likely break if the menu system is drawn in a slightly different way in the future (or if for instance someone installs one of the alternate menu systems from the app loader)

    Does it mean I need to create a bitmap, draw into that, then pass it to format() as a string?

    Yes - you just use Graphics.createArrayBuffer to create a Graphics instance, then use gfx.asImage("string")

  • @Gordon,

    not totally different. Currently I just want to draw a color box on top of an "Color" item.
    That shows a current color, and calls a submenu that allows user to select a color from list.

    If a rectangle x1,y1,x2,y2 of the item will be passed into the callback it should not break.
    The alternate menu system has to be compatible with the standard one anyway. It also should support this callback, same way as it should support format() callback.


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