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  • It's known when BLE/NRF will be supported on esp32?

    Right now there are no plans to fix it - but the code is all open so anyone could jump in, fix it themselves, and contribute their work back.

    I'm afraid ESP32 isn't a big priority for me right now - it brings in no money whatsoever and Espressif have no interest in helping out. I'm totally swamped with work on the official boards and Bangle.js right now so I just can't dedicate any time to it myself.

  • I looked to fix this but I don't know where the onWrite function is called in the NRF object. I found 2 places - first one 'esp32_gatts_func.c' second 'bluetooth.c'. I don't konow where is bug. If you give me tip it will be nice.


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