• I've been thinking about simplifying the Gadgetbridge Music Controls app (gbmusic):

    1. Get rid of the left/right touch areas, and instead just treat any touch as "toggle play/pause". You could still change tracks by either swiping, or multi-pressing the physical middle button.
    2. Remove the date+time, I figure those haven't got much to do with music, and you can add widgets
      (widcal/widclk) to see them while the app is open instead.

    Where I said "thinking about", I meant my watch is running the simplified version, but I wonder how other people feel about those changes?

    Basically my problem is

    • I would like my changes to enter the official repo
    • I don't want to open a PR to strip out stuff other users would miss
    • Putting it all behind some settings would be possible, but far from ideal
    • Creating a "Somewhat Simplified Gadgetbridge Music Controls" app doesn't seem like a good solution either

    Edit: created a PR


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