• Any news on possible fixes?

    I'm afraid not... Here's what it actually looks like.

    The button is on a tiny daughterboard, and sits in a little slot in the case (pointed to by some tweezers in the pic below).

    So I imagine what's happened is it has fallen out of that cup. So if you could get in easily then it'd be a trivial fix, but getting in requires removing the display, which is a pretty painful job (heat gun, suction cup, lots of patience).

    If someone were so inclined they could drill a small hole directly above the button and then poke a pin in and use it to fiddle the button down again I guess.

    "percussive maintenance"

    To be honest this is about the only option right now - if you imagine the PCB has risen up, I guess you need to have the Bangle face-up and then bash that edge down onto a table, and it might re-seat the button. I've got one that was returned here and I don't have any success with that though.

    So it might be I need to arrange a return

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