• After noticing some sporadic deconnections of my Puck.js 2.0b from BLE while manipulating it, I had a closer look at it and discovered that the metallic plate supposed to hold the battery in place was disconnected on one of its side. Hear me out: the PCB copper parts are not teared out, but the factory soldering process seems not to have worked optimally to hold the battery plate in place (see below picture). I think this is a quality issue (even though, I confess, I might have removed the battery too many times without taking too much care while doing it), and this should be addressed for new batches I believe. On my Puck.js, some soldering should do the fix. I also noticed that on my Puck.js 1.0e, the battery holding plate is mounted using through holes, which might be a tougher solution.


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