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  • Right now "HRM Accelerometer event
    recorder " is the tool to do this.
    Should work on a phone.

    I briefly tried it out on my phone and seems to work.

    One concern I have is, if I go for a run I will have the watch on my wrist and the phone in my pocket. All I get is a blank red screen on the Bangle, how do I know whats being recorded? Can the heart rate and record count be displayed on the Bangle so I know it's running? I don't want to do a run only to find the recorder switched off in my pocket etc.

  • The bangles screen goes green when it actually starts sending data over. For that to happen all recorded event types must have been seen at least one time. I didn't implement showing data on screen to keep the CPU as free as possible for sending BLE data. It's probably possible to show something on screen, without loosing performance on the sending part. Maybe just printing the send lines to the display would be cheap enough. Record count is currently unknown in the app, just the browser counts the incoming lines. Storing that in RAM and printing it should be no problem.


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