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  • @myownself: why not move to pc and look at it there?
    You say juptiter. So you are also working in python?
    Was thinking of the right language choice. I liked the C in step-counter because it directly connects to the algorithm actually in the firmware and is minimal effort to onboard people, but think jupyiter is probably a much faster development environment.
    @halemmerich: what have you used to watch? Do you actually work on any data analysis?

    I am currently thinking of a fork with a differcent file format since bringing the different raw signals into one line will become more and more difficult and wasteful (eg. H10 ECG comes in 138 value chunks).
    One idea close to current was a firxed csv format line for each event: timestamp, label, ...:
    A "grep label" would then still give a simple csv file for that event type so one would have the choice to still use (several) csv reads or a specific read routine.

  • @Mi I just haven't had the energy. I'll get to it.

    Python is my first choice for trying things out. For step counter experiments I used Python and then translated the best option into C, but it would be awesome if we could be language agnostic for testing algorithms - that way people can contribute whatever language they prefer and the algorithm can be translated to C afterwards.


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