• is there a specific app available for the Bangle.js 2

    Yes and no... It's built in to Messages already, but right now it requires a special build of Gadgetbridge which isn't public right now.

    It will come soon though, promise!

  • Awesome. Looking forward to :)

  • I'm trying to add navigation to the lcars watch (using the bottom panel for next turn arrow, distance to next turn and eta/distance left) based on navigation info from OsmAnd and right now repurposing the pebblekit support in gadgetbridge for the communication.

    I wonder if I could/should use this built in notifications in Messages for it, or are you working on another way to communicate to the phone with gadgetbridge, I guess something like bangleKit could be added to gadgetbridge in the same way as pebble has pebblekit.


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