• Hello, I'm trying to figure out an error, when I realized that the problem is that I'm using wrong the I2C function. I need to read 8 bits from an address (0x75) in a i2c device (0x68). Following code is an example from libraries and docs:

    I2C1.setup( {scl: NodeMCU.D4, sda: NodeMCU.D5} );
    var data = I2C1.readFrom(0x75,8);

    Got the next error:

    Uncaught InternalError: I2CRead: No ACK 0
     at line 5 col 33
      var data = I2C1.readFrom(0x75,8);
    in function called from system

    The readFrom function doesn't take as parameter the internal address of the device, that's why the error, is pointing to a device no to the internal address.

    My device is an MPU9250, it works on Arduino and Micropython.


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