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  • You can just run Compact from Utils in Settings, but I have had reports that it can 'break' the filesystem and cause everything to be reset to factory state. I am looking into that though so it should be fixed soon.

    oooh, so that's what happened to my Bangle then.
    Curious about this "compact" function, I clicked on it, but as the operation lasted a little long, I didn't pay attention to it anymore.
    A few hours later, I found my Bangle stuck on an error screen and had to do a reboot, which left me with a Bangle empty of any app.
    But I hadn't made the connection with the fact that I had started the compaction.
    Via WebIDE, I could see that some files were still here, as well as files with names containing random characters that I never managed to delete.
    I restored the Bangle and the applications that had disappeared, but the corrupted files are still here...

    Not a big deal, but I'm glad to know that it was my curiosity that made me get this


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