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  • Thanks! As you say, those look fine.

    The bootloader on the KickStarter watches actually turned on as soon as power was applied, and that can cause issues when the battery is very flat since the watch is trying to draw power before there's been a chance to put much more power into the battery. It's something I have since fixed and will be enabling a nice easy way to update the bootloader.

    All I can suggest is maybe put it on a radiator or somewhere warm (not super-hot) for a bit and try charging again. I don't know what the temperature is there, but LiPo batteries dislike being cold, and the combination of being cold and flat might stop the battery from getting to a state where it can take charge.

    ... but otherwise I'll have to arrange to get you a replacement. Even if we get the battery charge sorted it doesn't explain the relatively low battery life (assuming that was with the default apps and settings)

  • It's been in the mid to high 20s here recently, but I'll leave it out in the sunlight for a while and try again. Thanks!


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